The ConverTTable LMS Prototype!

The principle remains the same as the ConverTTable Custom. A coffee table in your living room with few touches converts into high-quality cockpit for all your racing and flight simulator needs.  Therefore, it is notably space-saving, as well as decorative.  An aluminum (LM for light metal) construction was used  instead of  wood which comes along only as an element of design– therefore the S. The parts has been designed so that the cockpit is delivered in pieces and can be self-assembled by the customer.


The ConverTTable LMS was developed in 2018 with the aim of being able to be offered at a lower price. In contrast to the custom model, it does not require any complex milled parts. With the further advantage of being able to be built by the buyer himself. He is in no way inferior to the custom model in perfection and attention to detail!

Made with passion!

The aluminum parts of the ConverTTable LMS are cut by laser and welded by hand!
Let’s get ready to rumble!


Adjust the angle of the pedals, the steering wheel and the position of the seat for your perfect playing position! The winner takes it all!

System independent

Compatible with numerous steering wheel manufacturers like Fanatec, Logitech or Thrustmaster! Depending on the steering wheel, it can be used for the Playstation, the XBOX or even for the PC!

The ConverTTable LMS is a fully developed prototype and cannot currently be purchased as a production model.